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Catching Up

Speaking of catching up, this is our 101 post. Some days it seems like we started years ago, other days it seems like we started yesterday. I am learning so much from doing this and from getting to know so many of you. Thank you!

On the catching up front. First thanks to Zuska for not only telling folks about the 2007 Science Blogging Anthology and the need to nominate good posts by women bloggers but for nagging us until I did it. You can do it too. Itís easy and it is a good way to get some attention for your favorite blog posts.

Speaking of blog posts, while I always enjoy reading the Scientiae Carnival and learn from it, this time it is even better than usual. FemaleCSGradStudent has done an amazing job putting together entries related to "How We Are Hungry." Go read it.

Rosa and I will be putting together the next Scientiae Carnival on transitions and would love to have you submit your posts. Please do it by June 14th so we can have it up by June 15th.