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Rocky Mountain High

I'm in Boulder this week attending a K-12 Summit sponsored by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and working with the fine evaluators of the National Science Foundation's Broadening Participation in Computing Demonstration Projects.

Why do I bring this up? Well one reason is so you will be jealous when I tell you that I am going hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park today (and so that if I don't survive hiking at 10,000+ feet you will know I was thinking of you).

More importantly if you don't know about NCWIT , you should, Their mission is: "is to ensure that women are fully represented in the influential world of information technology and computing." And they have lots of resources to help make that happen. Among my favorites are: Survey in a Box: Student Experience of the Major (SEM) and Outreach in a Box: Discovering IT .

Check them out.