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Guess the galaxy wasn't that far away

Last week when I blogged on the enduring impact of our 1992 report "How Schools Shortchange Girls: The AAUW Report" (HSSG) , I didn't think I would be blogging again on it so soon. But this is too "good" to miss.

As you know at FairerScience we are always interested in Why The Don't Hear What I Say?. Well I think the answer in this case, is because they don't want to.

Earlier this week the blog Intellectual Conservative (IC) went after HSSG as part of a broader attack on the AAUW.

IC started by saying "Back in 1992 the AAUW published the report, "How Schools Shortchange Girls." The report purported to show that American schoolgirls were being kept down by the ever-present patriarchy."

What HSSG actually said was: "By studying what happens to girls in school we can gain valuable insights about what has to change in order for each student—every girls and every boy-- to do as well as she or he can. Our children—and our nation—deserve nothing less." (pp 4-5)

IC goes on to say "To redeem itself, the AAUW finally came out with a second report. "Gender Gaps: Where Schools Still Fail Our Children" had to admit – a-ha!– that, “National data indicate that girls consistently earn either equivalent or higher grades than boys in all subjects at all points in their academic careers.”

Guess she missed that part on page 26 of HHSG which said: "Nevertheless, girls generally receive better grades than boys, regardless of race or socioeconomic status."

I have no idea why the "Intellectual Conservative" didn't bother read the report before attacking it. Guess she isn't intellectual after all.