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Faulty Trigger Mechanism

Yesterday as I was reading the Dana-Farber Report (which apparently is only on paper, not on-line) I read an overview of a theory on skin cancer prevention that I just have to share. Let me quote:

"To begin [David Fisher's] lab engineered mice whose genetic traits stemmed from the same roots as fair-skinned people. Equipped with this model, he stimulated melanocytes in mice with a chemical compound called forskolin. The mice turned a darker color, proving that lighter-skinned people are capable of producing pigment—they just have a faulty trigger mechanism."

Ok knowing (or at least theorizing) that we light skinned people are that way because of a "faulty trigger mechanism", a problem that can most likely be fixed, probably won't change the effects of white privilege, but is rather fun to think about it.

PS For those of you who want the more technical report, it is here.