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Want a Byline?

Earlier this month while I was at WAM (Women, Action and the Media) I met Kate Daniels the founder and executive editor of The WIP (The Women's International Perspective). Kate came over to meet me because she wanted to know more women scientists and mathematicians (now that is not something that happens to me every day).

Why does she want to meet more of us? Well it isn't just because we are smart, informed and generally fabulous—oh wait that is why she wants to meet us. The WIP, a brand new comprehensive news website, wants to have more science coverage and would love to have more women in the sciences contribute.

They say "We want to hear from writers that can report and share local and world events. We value personal news stories from our writers' daily lives. We seek the global news that can reach far beyond any border."

If this interests you, and it does me; go check out The WIP and start writing. They need:

1. A cover letter that clearly identifies your areas of interest and how you envision contributing to The WIP.
2. A resume or curriculum vitae, including a list of publications. Even if you have not yet been published, we encourage you to submit.
3. Analytic or opinion pieces, 250-1000 words in length that fit into any of our sections. Longer pieces will be considered and if published, may be published as multi-part series.