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The Ideal Is Male And Under 50: An Update

Late last month Jackie from Element List, let us know about a Discovery Channel job posting looking for a natural innovator with engineering creativity to host an exciting new series. The ideal candidate- why he is male and definitely under 50.

Rosa blogged about this and we also brought it up at WAM: Women, Action and the Media this past weekend. There we met a new FairerScience friend, who prefers to remain anonymous, who took action. Here is what she found out:

"A recent telephone call revealed that the ad was not placed directly by the Discovery Channel. Investigations are underway as to who placed the ad and it will be pulled in its current format. Sources also expressed some horror at being informed of the wording of the job posting, and added that they would love to find a female engineer. I don't know if they will run a replacement ad on Craigs List, so I would encourage anyone interested to apply now through the current posting and again if or when the new ad appears."

So it turns out women are invited to apply. Hopefully next time they'll put our name on the invitation.


Wow, that's awesome.

Now all I need is a boob job. ;)

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