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Wanted: that rare character -- the man in engineering

You think you know engineering? Maybe you've been working in product design or crash testing studies for years and you know what you're talking about in these fields.

If so, the Discovery Channel may want you to be the host of a new series (that link will only work for a few days):

Discovery Channel needs a host for a new series. Must have background in either engineering, product design or crash testing. On camera experience preferred but not required.

Are you a natural innovator? Do you have the engineering creativity to adapt technologies in imaginative ways to save lives? Do you often think a small change to my car/a jet fuel tank/a building could make the difference between life and death? - Then, we want to talk to you.

Cool, right? But, wait...

Ideal candidate is, male, young to late forties, edgy, adventurous, and an innovator. Must feel comfortable conceptualizing and testing their own designs and the designs of others.

Because when we talk about engineering and science, the edgy, adventurous image we're looking for is male.

Damn, that ticks me off. He's probably white, too.


How much do you want to bet that when someone asks them why they didn't pick a female host, they'll turn around and say "but we didn't get very many female applicants!"

Not a bet I would want to make. Yami you are so right. Any women out there want to apply for the job ? It could be really interesting and if you let us know what happened, I promise we would blog on it (and send you some of my world famous homemade chocolate chip cookies).

For whatever it's worth, I don't see how the Discovery Channel's ad isn't a violation of Title VII (the statute prohibiting employment discrimination)--not that I would expect anyone would actually take them to court over it.

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