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Babe Scientist

Monday night I was watching Tommy Lee Jones' movie Volcano on TV. Ok fine condemn me for my bad taste, but I was tired and it was on andů Anyway in the middle of the LaBrea Tar Pits having a major eruption spewing ash and larva everywhere, Tommy Lee Jones yells "Find me a scientist!". Who shows up? Dr. Amy Barnes (aka Anne Heche).

Together they save the Los Angles and find romance. Well these last two are assumptions; I didn't actually stay up to watch the whole movie. I was really tired and I figured the high point of the movie was when Anne Heche was the scientist who showed up
I was about to write that we need this to happen more often. But then I found out it does. Searching for a link for Volcano (my thinking was hey perhaps some of you would like to find out more about the movie), I saw that one of the keywords for the movie was Babe Scientist. Really. And the category had more than 100 movie and TV listings. Who knew?


spewing ash and larva everywhere

Fun typo of the day!

That is probably my best typo ever. Thanks for finding it Serena.


A guy apparently opened fire on middle school students with a rifle. The math teacher, David Benke, stopped him and probably saved dozens of childrens' lives at the risk of his own life. This man is a true hero.

You can read the news article here http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_colo_school_shooting - Teacher tackles gunman supected in school shooting

We should all take a moment of silence for this man. Thank you.

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