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New Stuff

Recently I've been looking at research that can help faculty, especially engineering faculty, make their classes more effective, particularly for their women students. The result of my efforts is What Can I Do? Making Engineering Classrooms More Effective for Women (and Men) Students , a short userfriendly list of eight research based things faculty can do that will improve student participation and achievement. They range from:

"Periodically stop talking and pause. Wait at least three seconds after asking a question before calling on someone to answer." (The most effective technique EVER for increasing participation)


"Work with others to provide undergraduates with more opportunities to transfer into engineering." (A lot of work but has the potential to really increase engineering enrollment especially for women).

I also searched for research on the most effective ways to work with faculty to get them to change their classroom behaviors. While I found much opinion, there wasn't much research. The result, How Can I Help?: Working with Engineering Faculty to Change Classrooms , includes eight strategies that folks have found to work for them.

Hope you find these helpful

PS Thanks go to my friends at the National Academy of Engineering's Engineering Equity Extension Service for their support of this effort. You should check them out.


Another resource might be, "Tech-Savvy:Educating Girls in the New Computer Age" published in 2000 by the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation, http://www.aauw.org/research/girls_education/techsavvy.cfm

The tips for parents, teachers and members of the community apply not just to girls but to others who aren't apt to rush to join computer classes.

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