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Helping Women Helps Men

I was going to title this entry "I so wish that I had said this: Part 2" but actually it was so much better that it was said by a man. Many years ago I started explaining that I was involved in efforts to reduce sex discrimination not just to help women but to help men as well. And it is true. When women have more options so do men. And that means more women in the sciences; more men in childcare and all kinds of cool things. Take a look at what Neil Chethik has to say.

Feminism also benefited me in my relationships with women. The women I dated in college and afterward no longer looked at me as a "success object'' -- someone who would provide for them. They were strong and motivated enough to take care of themselves. They sought careers and adventure, and a man who would be an equal partner. Thus, I had the luxury of dating, and eventually marrying, a woman whose full potential was not curtailed by society's limitations.

And that he says "freed me from the expectation that I would be the primary wage-earner in my family. Where I had once considered a career based largely on how much money I would earn, now I could ask myself: What do I really want to do?"

Yes! That is what FairerScience and actually fairer everything is about.