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Moms Rising

Ok I know this isn't directly related to FairerScience, it certainly is something that all of us who care about fairness and families should know about it. And besides not making women chose between science careers and families is one really good way to increase the number of women in the sciences.

Moms Rising just started last May but it has been attracting a lot of attention including a article in, of all places, CNNMoney.

Moms Rising advocates and coordinates grassroots campaigns for maternity/paternity leave, child care, job flexibility, and more after-school programs.

Their poster, which shows Rosie the Riveter holding a baby, asks:
"Why are there so few women in leadership and so many in poverty?" and proposes the following common sense ways to protect mothers and families:

M Maternity/Paternity Leave
O Open Flexible Work
T TV We Chose & Other After-School Programs
H Healthcare for All Kids
E Excellent Childcare
R Realistic and Fair Wages

That certainly makes sense to me.

PS. I now understand why CNN put this under it's money section. Did you know women who aren't mothers made 90 cents to a man's dollar in 1998? Mothers made 73 cents to the man's dollar and single mothers only about 60 cents.