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I get so tired of the good news/bad news thing

In this case the good news is very good indeed. In response to a recent report, Vision 2020, that found Johns Hopkins University continues to lag behind comparable research institutions in recruiting and hiring female faculty and executive leaders; the university has committed to achieve 50 percent representation of women in senior faculty and leadership positions by 2020.

The bad news is in the response the decision is generating within academic communities. Check out the comments in response to an article on the report on Inside Higher Ed.

From CUNY Professor:
"Fifty percent is a nice round figure, but it will be difficult to meet that quota across the board at a high end institution such as Johns Hopkins without paying a quality penalty. Forty percent would be more reasonable goal given the greater male variability in the distribution of most of the relevant talents. Note that even the National Academy of Sciences report on “Bias and Barriers,” despite all their cant, couldn’t totally dismiss the male variability hypothesis."

From Chuck
"The CUNY Prof is absolutely correct about the obvious decline in quality that will attend the mad pursuit of gender proportionality in administration at Hopkins. But I doubt that the Hopkins leaders will care that much. I wonder if they will use the same illogic when selecting players for their vaunted lacrosse team? Make certain, say, to have a racial or ethnic percentage of players on the Blue Jays lacrosse team to match the racial or ethnic makeup of the undergraduate schools. Who’s ready to bet that such absurd proportionality is crudely ignored?"

Yes folks those comments were academics responding to Inside Higher Ed.
Big sigh, guess I am going to have to write about that whole issue of female/male variability again

PS Dear CUNY professor:
The report you cite was named "Beyond Bias and Barriers", BEYOND CUNY Professor was the point! I am hoping you aren't that sloppy in the rest of your work.


Amazing that the CUNY professor can't see the sexist goggles he's wearing. Why do we even suppose that women, if given the chance, wouldn't surpass the number of male professors?

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