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Honoring Each Other

Each year, during women's history month, the National Women's History Project honors a group of women for their work and their lives. This year's theme is "Generations of Women Moving History Forward." Nominations are due September 15th. As I've been working on the nomination letter for my friend Joan Schine, who has been moving history forward, for over fifty years, I started thinking about all the other women and men I want to honor for what they have done to make this country a better, more equitable place. There are so many people who have done so much and they rarely get thanked. So while I love what the "National Women's History Project" does, I'm going to go further and start my own award. Effective immediately I'm giving out the "Pat Thinks You're Wonderful" award that comes with cookies (homemade chocolate chip cookies of course), and a card. Can I talk anyone else out there into setting up their own award? We need to start honoring each other.