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A Eureka in St. Paul

"A national scientific panel has just concluded that women are indeed capable of holding down high-echelon jobs in science and engineering. No doubt this came as a huge relief to Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper , the St. Paul native, who, at the time this report made news, just happened to be orbiting the Earth on board the space shuttle Atlantis."

So starts a lovely, informative, and ok let's say it, snarky, column from Laura Billings of the Pioneer Press

Billings' point that while the pundits pun, women are doing exciting things in science is so important. When columnists conclude, as New York Time's David Brooks did Sunday, that chemistry "validates ancient stereotypes about the sexes" we need to be particularly vigilant in reminding girls (and their parents, teachers, boyfriends and everyone else) that women are doing wonderful things in science and so can they.

So click here to read her whole column. Do it soon. I'm not sure how long it will be available for free and it is well worth reading.

PS Sorry but to read the Brooks column, you need to go to the library or be a New York Times subscriber.