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Where better to start our engines than car racing...

Women have been driving race cars in the Indianapolis 500 since Janet Guthrie broke through to compete in the Indianapolis 500 in 1977. Almost 30 years later, NASCAR king Richard Petty still doesn’t think that women belong on the race track. "I just don't think it's a sport for women," Petty said in an interview with The Associated Press.

While King Richard doesn’t want women on the race track, he does want them on his crew-- his team, Petty Enterprises, was one of the first teams in the NASCAR garage to employ female engineers and mechanics. Maybe he thinks women's "natural" attention to detail and precision work makes them more suited for this high-end work?

And while, it may be too late for Richard, his son Kyle, who actually runs the team, says he would never rule out having a woman driver. This is progress- sort of

Go Danica!


Women can ride around in circles at break neck speeds. We do it everyday, juggling all kinds of responsibilities. Petty is afraid that women will do it so well that the sport won't be considered hard enough for man's work. Don't be so petty, Richard.

Dale Earnhart bought junior race cars for both his son, Dale Jr., and his daugher. The latter finally gave up apparently because she couldnt' find people who would work on her car?? Maybe she should have gone the mechanic route--put those small hands to good use--like in the sweatshops. NASCAR is way behind IRL on this one. Shawna Robinson tried to break in a couple of years ago but couldn't get enough sponsorship. And then, of course, there is Robby Gordon who said he wouldn't race against Danica Patrick at Indy because she weighs less than the other driversand therefore has a weight advantage??? But then did anyone ask Robbie to drive for them? And I haven't seen his picture on the cover of SI. Keep drivin' girls! We're the future, RIchard Petty is the past.

Maybe he thinks women's "natural" attention to detail and precision work makes them more suited for this high-end work?

Sounds like the racing version of keeping women in the kitchen.

Danica on Spike TV Power Block was not the hostess with the "mostess" and I was glad to see a new face. On the track she is definately in her place, so move over Petty and quit living up to your name!! Tsk,tsk on the weight comment too; never make those guys happy, always too big or now too small? No excuses on the track, move over boys, she won't be in fourth place very long, DRIVE DANICA DRIVE!!!

NASCAR is just one of the millions of areas women are thought -- by men -- not suitable for. One by one by one by one ... we'll prove otherwise. I wish there were an easier and faster way. Or do you think there IS an easier and faster way?

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