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Math on The Simpsons: Not Just for Nerds

I hope many of you had the chance to see the April 30 episode of The Simpsons. In Girls Just Want to Have Sums, Lisa Simpson sneaks into the boys' side of the newly sex-segregated Springfield Elementary School in order to have access to rigorous math classes. (On the girls' side, math class opens with, "How do numbers make you feel?")

We here at FairerScience.org managed to miss this episode when it first aired, but we've since caught up with it and if you can find a friend who recorded it, it's worth a look! It addresses questions of inherent ability, sex differences, and the political climate around these topics.

It may further interest you to check out Simpsons math, a web page focused on math in various episodes of The Simpsons. As reported in Science News Online, mathematical references are frequent and far-ranging in Simpsons episodes, and Simpsons math provides a guide to math on the show as well as providing math activities for kids.