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February 14, 2013

Integrating Indigenous and Western science

If you are in Boston, come to our AAAS session on the integrating Indigenous and Western science Friday at 10, room 207 of the Hynes Convention Center. . We would love to see you.

February 11, 2013

Makers I'm addicted

Makers is the largest video collection of women's stories and you can view them for free. It's also a documentary that will premier on PBS on February 26th.

Since I discovered this I've had to limit myself to the number of 3- 5 minute videos I view a day. After all I have to get some work done. I have no idea how many videos there are (they keep adding them) but every one I viewed so far has been fascinating.

Want to hear biologist and Princeton president Shirley Tilghman. one of the mothers of Black women's studies Beverly Guy-Sheftall, comedian Ellen DeGeneres and so many other women tell their stories? Go for it.